2022 Stitching WIP Inventory

This is my ridiculously huge pile of cross-stitch WIPs, and doesn’t even include the finished projects that are languishing in a bin somewhere, waiting to be mounted or finished in some way.

  1. The Pilgrim by Long Dog Sampler (tiger project bag): This is another BAMF project. I need to get this one back into the rotation because I love the colors. I also need to make a bigger project bag for it. I have a plan for this.
  2. Halloween Delivery by Plum Street Samplers (trick or treat project bag): I have about 30 stitches into this one, but it’s actually a reasonably sized project. It’s definitely a keeper.
  3. Tingles by Lizzie KateĀ (halloween project bag): I am probably about 70% done with this one. This is vying for top project right now.
  4. Old World Santa trio by Prairie Schooler (red & blue mini project bag): I’ve finished 2 out of 3 Santas for this one.
  5. Christmas in Hawk Run Hollow by Carriage House Samplings (overnight delivery project bag): This is a massive project. I have less than 10% completed & if I’m going to finish it, I need to get back to work on it. It’s going to be huge and gorgeous when it’s done though.
  6. White Christmas ornaments by Hands On Design (red & white project bag): I’m thoroughly tired of these ornaments. I have finished 4, & I am going to finish the 2 I have almost finished, and pulling the plug on the rest and putting this project in the done column.
  7. Monthly cottages by Country Cottage Needlework (pink project bag): Again, I’m thoroughly tired of these. I also don’t remember what I did with the finished projects. Until I find them, I’m leaving this project in time out.
  8. Jack Frost’s Tree Farm by Little House Needlework (needs Christmas project bag): I like this project a lot. I’m about 30% done.
  9. Five Fat Men by Lizzie Kate (Christmas patchwork project bag): 2 out of 6 designs finished.
  10. Advent Animals by Brooke’s Books (needs project bag): I have finished 7 out of 24. I have enough fabric to make 14, but I need more cross stitch fabric to finish. I still love this project. I’m going to make them into ornaments for an advent tree.
  11. Fragments in Time by Summer House Sticheworkes (Cider project bag): This is my newest project, and I’m doing it as a single piece. So, that’s it. 11 WIPs.

Project bags to make:

  • New, larger bag for The Pilgrim using an abandoned piece of stitching;
  • Christmas bag for Jack Frost’s Tree Farm
  • Something for the 6 Fat Men project
  • Project bag for Fragments in Time