2023: Deal Me In

I’ve selected four short story collections for this challenge:

    • Deep Waters, a BLCC mystery anthology edited by Martin Edwards
    • The Persephone Book of Short Stories, Volume I, edited by Susan Glaspell
    • Collected Stories by Willa Cather
    • Troubled Daughters, Twisted Wives edited by Sarah Weinman.

I already owned Deep Waters, and haven’t read a single story from it aside from a Holmes story, The Adventure of the Gloria Scott. I really like that story, but since there are enough stories to fill in a suit without it, I’m leaving it out. I’ve also had the Vintage edition of Cather’s Collected Stories for years, and I’m pleased to be able to plug them in. I haven’t yet received the Persephone anthology yet, so Spades is going to remain empty for now, since I can’t find a list of the stories anywhere online – just that there are around 30 of them, so I’ll have plenty to choose from! I ordered a copy of the book but also put it on hold on it at my library so I’ll have it in the interim, since it’s not going to arrive until the end of the month. Finally, I also ordered the Troubled Daughters, Twisted Wives anthology, and that will arrive next week.

So, without further ado, here are the assignments:

Hearts: Collected Stories by Willa Cather

A: Flavia and her Artist
K: The Garden Lodge
Q: The Marriage of Phaedra
J: Coming, Aphrodite!
10: The Diamond Mine
9: A Gold Slipper
8: Scandal
7: Paul’s Case
6: A Wagner Matinee
5: The Sculptor’s Funeral
4: “A Death in the Desert”: drew 2/5/2023
3: Neighbour Rosickyread 1/22/2023
2: Old Mrs. Harris

Clubs: Deep Waters edited by Martin Edwards

A: The Eight Mile Lock by L.T. Meade and Robert Eustace
K: The Gift of the Emperor by E.W. Hornung
Q: Bullion! by William Hope Hodgson
J: The Echo of a Mutiny by R. Austin Freeman: read 1/2/2023
10: The Pool of Secrets by Gwyn Evans
9: Four Friends and Death by Christopher St. John Sprigg
8: The Turn of the Tide by C.S. Forester
7: The Swimming Pool by H.C. Bailey
6: A Question of Timing by Phyllis Bentley
5: The Thimble River Mystery by Josephine Bell
4: Man Overboard by Edmund Crispin
3: The Queer Fish by Kem Bennett
2: The Man Who Was Drowned by James Pattinson

Diamonds: Troubled Daughters, Twisted Wives edited by Sarah Weinman

A: The Heroine by Patricia Highsmith
K: A Nice Place to Stay by Nedra Tyre: read 1/9/2023
Q: Louisa, Please Come Home by Shirley Jackson
J: Lavender Lady by Barbara Callaham: drew 1/29/2023
10: Sugar and Spice by Vera Caspary: drew 2/19/2023
9: Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree by Helen Nielsen
8: Everybody Needs a Mink by Dorothy B. Hughes
7: The Purple Shroud by Joyce Harrington
6: The Stranger in the Car by Elizabeth Sanxay Holding
5: The Splintered Monday by Charlotte Armstrong
4: Lost Generation by Dorothy Salisbury Davis
3: The People Across the Canyon by Margaret Millar: drew 2/12/2023
2: Mortmain by Mirian Allen Deford

Spades: The Persephone Book of Short Stories, Vol. I edited by Susan Glaspell (this book hasn’t arrived yet & I can’t find a list of stories on line, so I will fill in the order after it shows up). Added: my book is running late, but I did get a list of stories.

A: The Black Cap by Katherine Mansfield
K: Holiday Group by E.M. Delafield
Q: A Lovely Time by Dorothy Whipple
J: Roman Fever by Edith Wharton: drew 2/5/2023
10: Wednesday by Dorothy Whipple
9: Minnie’s Room by Mollie Panter-Downes
8: The View of Exmoor by Sylvia Townsend Warner
7: What A Lovely Surprise by Penelope Mortimer
6: Worlds Apart by Penelope Fitzgerald
5: A Few Problems from the Day Case Unit by Georgina Hammick
4: Dimanche by Irene Nemirovsky: read 1.16.2023
3: The Exile by Betty Muller
2: The Rainy Day, the Good Mother and the Brown Suit by Dorothy Canfield Fisher