Ongoing Series Tracking Page

This is the page for my ongoing series tracking. My general plan is to identify the series that I am planning to continue reading, with a note to identify where I am at in the series. If I decide to quit a series, I’ll move it from the “active” list to the “closed” list.

Active (listed alphabetically by author name):

Alexander, Tasha: Lady Emily. Next book Dangerous To Know.
Black, Cara: Aimee Leduc Investigations. Next book Murder in the Clichy
Box, C.J.: Joe Pickett. Up to date as of 3/31/2020. Last book read: Long Range.
Briggs, Patricia: Mercy Thompson. Next book Frost Burned.
Cleeves, Ann: Two Rivers. Up to date as of 3/31/2020. Last book read: The Long Call.
Cogman, Genevieve: Invisible Library. Next book The Masked City.
Connelly, Michael: Harry Bosch. Next book: The Night Fire.
Crombie, Deborah: Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James. Next book: All Shall Be Well.
French, Tana: Dublin Murder Squad. Next book: Broken Harbor.
Grafton, Sue: Kinsey Milhone. Next book: I is for Innocent.
Griffiths, Elly: Ruth Galloway. Next book: The Lantern Men.
Harris, C.S.: Sebastian St. Cyr. Next book: What Darkness Brings.
Huber, Anna Lee: Lady Darby Mysteries. Next book: Up to date as of 3/31/2020. Last book read An Artless Demise.
Krueger, William Kent: Cork O’Connor. Next book Red Knife.
Locke, Attica: Highway 59. Next book: Heaven, My Home.
McGuire, Seanan: InCryptids. Up to date as of 3/31/2020. Last book read: Imaginary Numbers.
McGuire, Seanan: October Daye. Next book One Salt Sea.
Moyes, Patricia: Inspector Henry Tibbets. Next book Death on the Agenda.
Penny, Louise: Three Pines. Next book A Better Man.
Peters, Ellis: Brother Cadfael. Next book The Confessions of Brother Haluin.
Raybourn, Deanna: Veronica Speedwell. Next book: A Murderous Relation.
Sansom, C.J.: Matthew Shardlake. Next book Sovereign.
Silva, Daniel: Gabriel Allon. Next book: The Secret Servant.
Spencer-Fleming, Julia: Rev. Clare Fergusson and Russ Alstyne. Up to date as of 3/31/2020. Last book read: Through the Evil Days.
Todd, Charles: Bess Crawford. Next book: A Forgotten Place
Wentworth, Patricia: Miss Silver. Next book: Mr. Brading’s Collection

I will be adding to the list over the next few days. I just have to get back to work right now!