#Friday Reads 5.15.2020

I have four books on the go right now, although at least two of them are nearly finished.

I bought this Persephone edition a few months ago and I’ve been making my way through it rather slowly. It’s quite a long book at 590 pages, and I find that it works well to read a week or two, or maybe a month, at a time. As I’m not worried about speed-finishing this one, you’ll likely see it on my Friday Reads for quite sometime. The book itself is the diary of Vere Hodgson, a Londoner who worked for a Notting Hill Gate charity during the war, and who survived the London Blitz. She is described as sparky and unflappable.

I’ve been reading this one for too long at this point – I started it last weekend and then set it aside for some other books at about the 1/3 mark. It won’t take long to finish, so it’s first up for the weekend. It was originally published in 1961, and I am reading the British Library Crime Classics series reprint pictured. The cover is just as lovely in person.

This is another one that I started last weekend and then got sidetracked away from – it’s the most recent book on my Christie comfort reread. It’s one of Ariadne Oliver’s most delightful appearances in print, and that makes it a fun reread. Poirot leaves London for this one, and makes an early appearance in the action. There are some other fun side-characters, including Mrs. Summerhayes, who is a bit of a hoot. I’m again quite a ways into this one, and it won’t take long to finish.

I just started this one on my kindle – I have an omnibus edition checked out from my library, and I’ll likely only read this one right now. I enjoyed the first Thursday Next book by Jasper Fforde, so when I saw the omnibus available on Overdrive, I decided to read book 2.

That should take care of most, if not all of my weekend!


  1. I enjoyed the first three Friday Next books but I don’t think the series carries on so well after that. However, Lost in a Good Book is definitely one of the best. I particularly love the Unitary Authority of Warrington Cat (I think I’ve remembered that right). Unfortunately, I think you probably have to be English to understand the joke.

    1. I agree, after about the fourth volume I’d had enough, it was a great idea that probably ran out of steam. I finally got around to reading the Vere Hodgson a couple of years ago, it took a long time. Not a book that you could binge-read.

      And I also have multiple books on the go — I always have at least one print, one e-book, and one audio, and sometimes more than one of each. Usually one is nonfiction. At some point I’ll get caught up in one and that one takes over until it’s finished. I wonder if that’s how other people read multiple books at once.

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