14 thoughts on “New Block Editor

  1. No, you’re not. I found it much more difficult to figure out how to do headings and insert images, and I still haven’t figured out how to change my links to my own site so that they are relative, which it was a little frustrating but relatively easy to do in the old editor. I think it’s interesting that so many software developers seem to believe that hiding functionality makes it “easier.” I am an experienced software user, too, as that was my job for 30 years. I hate that they forced us over to use the new editor.


    • I absolutely do not understand the point. I have to assume that it makes it much easier for big commercial accounts to use, because it sure as hell doesn’t make it easier for a book blogger who posts maybe 50 times a year, and just wants to be able to add some pictures to my very simple posts.

      I’m wondering if drafting my post in a google doc and then cutting and pasting into a new post might work better.

      But I really hate it.


  2. By the way, if there is a way to get back to the classic editor, I don’t know what it is. I see an option for it, but clicking on it doesn’t work. I was using the classic editor until about two weeks ago, when suddenly all my pages started showing up in the new one.


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