Halloween Bingo: Splatter Transfigured to Halloween

Part of the fun of Halloween bingo is a set of six “spell cards” that can be used to change the game. I am not feeling inclined to read a serial killer or other very violent book at this point, which is what the Splatter squares involves, so I am transfiguring my Splatter square to Halloween. Halloween includes “any book set on halloween or has halloween in the title or that has a pumpkin on the cover, or in the title, etc.” It also includes a “fancy dress” or costuming element that was previously part of a different square, because it fits here better.

What could be better, then, then a murder set in a theater or among actors, whose jobs involve costuming? The October side-read for Appointment with Agatha is a selection of Ngaio Marsh theatrical mysteries. We have voted on four books to choose from, including Enter a Murderer, which I read this January and do not plan to reread. The remaining three, however, are new to me.

I’m planning on reading all three of them, if I can manage it. I’m not entirely sure that Final Curtain actually involves costumes, but I can surely wedge into another square if not. I’ve enjoyed all of the Inspector Alleyn mysteries that I’ve read, so I’m looking forward to it!

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