Non-fiction November

I have read more than my usual amount of non-fiction this year – over the next few days, I may post some reviews/thoughts about what I’ve previously read, especially since we are heading into Non-fiction November.

I’ve participated in Non-fiction November in the past by reading books, but after reviewing the announcement post from She Seeks Non-Fiction, one of the hosts, I see that there is more to it than that! There are also weekly writing prompts contributed by the other four hosts that look like they will generate some really interesting discussion and lots of additions to my TBR! I’m extra-excited about the month at this point, and have already started thinking about what I will read – with an eye to the prompts provided.

This year’s hosts are:

Liz, who blogs at Adventures in reading, running and working from home, is an editor, transcriber, reader, reviewer, writer and runner. She likes reading literary fiction and nonfiction, travel and biography.

Frances blogs about the books she has read at Volatile Rune and is a published poet, reviewer, sometime storyteller and novelist.

Heather of Based on a True Story lives in Ohio with her husband, surrounded by lots and lots of critters!

Rebekah reads and writes about social justice, atheism, religion, science history, and more on She Seeks Nonfiction.

Last but not least, Lisa blogs at Hopewell’s Public Library of Life.

I was already familiar with Liz’s terrific blog, but the others are new to me. I’ve followed all of them, so I will get all of the forthcoming non-fiction goodness.

Non-fiction is a really broad category, encompassing a number of different types of books. I haven’t settled on my books quite yet, but I’d like to read at least 4 NF books, one each from the following subcategories: a book of essays, a memoir, something related to travel or geography, and one piece of narrative non-fiction. I also have a distinct weakness for books about books and reading and there are some author biographies on my mental tbr that may, or may not, make it into the month.


  1. I’m very happy you’ll be joining in and have found the prompts – I love having these and am excited about my own one – Book Pairings (I always struggle with this one so I bagged it because I’d already written some of it over the past year!). Happy nonfiction reading!

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