2022 Quilting/Sewing Project Inventory

January 2022 WIPs/UFOs:


Waiting for binding:

I have no projects waiting to be bound, so this is positive. Generally, once I get something quilted, I want to get it finished so I can throw it in the washer and make it all crinkly!

Completed pieced tops or projects. These are all housed in the crate on the very top left, next to my batting crate, which is full of random sized pieces of batting:

  1. Caitlyn’s Halloween quilt: the back is already pieced & ready for basting on this quilt, I just need to buy a package of twin sized batting & it will be ready to quilt.
  2. Rainbow Dash quilt: needs the backing & the batting.
  3. Hustle & bustle Christmas table runner x 2: I have a piece of flannel I am planning to use for the backing both of these & there is plenty of batting in the crate, so these could be completed anytime, but since they are seasonal, I just want to finish them by next Christmas.
  4. Flower basket charm quilt: the top is pieced, and is in the crate. I need a back & batting. I’m thinking a yellow & white flannel check, maybe?

Other quilts/projects in various stages of completion

  1. Blue & White Log Cabin quilt: this project has 2 bins devoted to it. It’s 10×10 blocks of QAYG, in strips of blue & white. I have finished 24 blocks, and I plan to make it 6 rows by 7 rows (or 42 blocks) so I need 16 more blocks. Since this is QAYG, once I finish it, I’ll just need backing and binding, and it should be easy to compete.
  2. Red and White quilt: I seriously just found this project this morning. I have 5 12×12 blocks completed. They are super cute, though, & I remember when I started making them. Definitely worth finishing, but there’s a lot of work left to do. I’m going to make this one 4 blocks by 5 blocks (approximately 48 x 60 in blocks, but I will want to use sashing & borders as well, so that will make it larger), so I need another 15 blocks. I will probably do a pieced backing for this one b/c I could use up a bunch of fabric I’m unlikely to ever use.
  3. Orphaned blocks from the Tula Pink 100 blocks in 100 days: I have a huge stack of orphaned 6 x 6 blocks that I have no idea what to do with; I’m thinking about turning the whole lot of them into project bags.
  4. Refraction quilt: I have this stuck in a bin somewhere. I need to find it and figure out where I am at on it. This is all Alison Glass and is a modern quilt. I was making it to send to a friend, but that was like 3 years ago, so I’m not sure anymore.
  5. Vintage picnic/Little red 4 patch quilt: Again, this is shoved in a bin somewhere. I’ve had it on the project list forever. It’s likely to be a donation quilt, so I should find it and figure out how far along it is.
  6. Scrappy bear paw quilt: This is another one that I’m really ambivalent about. I have 31 of the bear paw blocks finished, but they are small, so I need a lot more. I don’t know how many more. I’m not sure that I even want to make this quilt anymore. Maybe another donation quilt? A big laundry bag?
  7. 12 ciders of Christmas bags: These are ostensibly done, since I’ve used them 2 years in a row, but I want to add a drawstring & lining to them this year. This is a fairly easy project.
  8. Cider project bag: I have a bunch of project bags I want to make; the front of this one has been pieced & quilted.
  9. Postage stamp quilt: (mini-charm packs): I think I have pieced 3 4 of the blocks for this quilt, but I have a bunch of mini-charm packs ready to go. This might work for QAYG.

Projects I want to start:

  1. Caitlyn’s countdown calendar: I have been planning this for a while – 24 bags of various sizes (zippers or drawstring) to fill with small gifts/gift cards/pet toys, etc. I think it would be fun to be able to deliver it to her to have one gift a day to open.
  2. Majestic Scraps quilt: This is going to be the Alexia Abegg quilt that I’ve been planning forever
  3. Christmas Plaidish quilt: I want to make this with my Hustle & Bustle fat quarter; might be a gift, or I might keep it for myself.
  4. Postcards from Sweden quilt: With my Alison Glass Insignia fabric
  5. Bauhaus quilt: Zen Chic backgrounds; citrus colors. I don’t even have all of the fabric for this one yet – I have all of the backgrounds, but I haven’t bought the main solids. It needs to pop. Depending on how this goes together, I may make two of them because I think that Nick would like this one in grays, maybe with pops of green or blue.
  6. Flying Geese quilt: with my Alison Glass wovens, maybe?
  7. 5 Christmas stockings: I’ve made stockings for everyone else; I want some for my own mantel.
  8. Tree skirt: to go with my stockings.
  9. Daylesford Quilt: see Instagram; this should be a stash buster.
  10. Donation quilts: I have several precuts that I want to use up by making donation quilts with them: Dr. Suess charm pack; Varsity jelly roll; Treehouse Club layer cake;

That’s a start, at least.

2022 Completed Projects: This is where I will move all of the projects as they are competed.

  1. Day Sail quilt: this was 9 18×18 QAYG blocks that had been languishing in a drawer for at least 5 years, because I couldn’t figure out how to finish them. They were the first things I made when I started quilting, and I did them QAYG, but added the back to them.  The fabric I used was a really cute jelly roll, but they were wonky and weird and not very good. I finally decided that done was better than perfect, so I just sewed them together to make a quilt and left the seams exposed on the back, like the old school rag quilts. Instead of binding it, I just went around the raw edge several times with colored thread in a wave stitch. It’s an odd, rough and ready quilt, which I’m going to keep in my car to use for picnics, dogs, and sitting on the grass. Now that it is finished, I really sort of like it. Finished 1/3/2022.
  2. Project red table runner: this was top of my list to finish. Finished 1/8/2022