Index by Author


Alcott, Louisa May: Work: A Story of Experience (published in 1873).
Austen, Jane:
Lady Susan (published in 1794).
Persuasion (published in 1818).


Bronte, Anne: Agnes Grey (published in 1847).


Cather, Willa:
Alexander’s Bridge (published 1912)
The Song of the Lark (published 1915).
Christie, Agatha:
Murder on the Links (published 1924)
Appointment With Death (published 1937)
N or M? (published 1941)
At Bertram’s Hotel (published 1944)
Towards Zero (published 1944).
Sparkling Cyanide (published 1944)
Comyns, Barbara: Our Spoons Came From Woolworths (published 1950)


Gaskell, Elizabeth:
North and South (published 1855)
Mary Barton (Published 1848)
Gibbons, Stella:
Nightingale Wood (published 1938)
The Bachelor (published 1944)


Heyer, Georgette: Powder and Patch (published 1923).
Holt, Victoria:
The Secret Woman (published 1970)
The Landower Legacy (Published in 1984)
Holtby, Winifred: South Riding (published 1936)


Jackson, Shirley: Hangsaman (published 1951)


Kaye, M.M.:
Death in Berline (published 1955)
Death in the Andamans (published 1960)


L’Engle, Madeleine: A Wrinkle In Time (published 1962)
Lindsey, Joan: Picnic at Hanging Rock (published 1967)


McCullers, Carson: The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (published 1940)
Michaels, Barbara: Houses of Stone (published 1993).
Mitchell, Gladys:
The Saltmarsh Murders (published 1932).
The Devil at Saxon Wall (published 1935).
Montgomery, Lucy Maud: Jane of Lantern Hill (published 1937).


Pym, Barbara: Excellent Women (published 1952)


Sayers, Dorothy:
Whose Body (Published 1923)
Clouds of Witness (Published 1926)
Unnatural Death (Published 1927)
Simpson, Dorothy: A Puppet for a Corpse (published 1983)
Spark, Muriel: Loitering With Intent (published 1981)
Stark, Freya: A Winter in Arabia (published 1940).
Stevenson, D.E.: Katherine Wentworth (published 1964).


Thynne, Molly: The Crime at the Noah’s Ark (published 1931)


Wentworth, Patricia:
The Clock Strikes Twelve (published 1944)
The Eternity Ring (published 1948).
Wharton, Edith:
The Age of Innocence (published 1920).
The Custom of the Country (published 1913).
Summer (published 1917).
Whitney, Phyllis: Snowfire (published 1972).
Woolf, Virginia: The Voyage Out (published 1915)